Member Party Is Here, New Pin Hidden And New Furniture: Better Igloo Catalog

Hello everyone! The Dance a Thon is here! Unfortunately,It’s for Members Penguins only. Go into the Night Club and there are Free Item, It’s the Boom Boxes at the sidle of the Door:
And there’re a cool sign, I’ve ever seen that in Club Penguin:
Members can do some awesome and cool moves while dancing while wearing the Boom Box:
There’s a new Dance Game as well. It is like Dance Dance Revolution so don’t forget to try it out. It’s really cool!And don’t forget to sign up for the Dance Contest, Here where you can sign up:
If you find DJ Cadence, you will get a Free Background when you click on the Buddy Logo.
And there’re a New Pin Hidden It’s Taco!, The New Pin is in Snow Forts:
And alot of People forget the new furniture Catalog:
I will post secrets later. And sorry for the Shortening. And sorry again bacause I can’t post for a week because I have to study for my Exams! But I’ve told Fluffycatfan to post here. Enjoy them all, And that’s all for now!


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