The Club Penguin Time

Hello everyone! Today is a holiday I haven’t finished my exams yet, I’ll finished them on Monday. My friend Fluffycatfan was posting here when I wasn’t here, Thanks Fluffy. Tomorrow’s Fluffy Party for more Information Click here. I’ll be there! There’re a new Newspaper, The Winter Fiesta-Val Party is Tomorrow, It’s look really cool:
And the Member Party “Dance-A-Thon” is done, They said that the Purple Puffles love to dance you can take it with you:
There’re alot of games you can earn with them alot of coins, I guess the best one is the Puffles Roundup, Tell me what do you think..:
And there’re a Sneak Peek about the Winter Fiesta Party which is coming tomorrow:
In other news BillyBob said: The Fiesta Party will warm up Club Penguin from January 23 – 25th, and we hope you’re going to love the decorations and surprises.


4 Responses

  1. YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DELETE YOUR HISTORY PAGE!!!!!!!! I said I thought you’d copied from SOMEWHERE not me. Pay more attention to how I word things. KK?

    • Fluffycatfan, You’re my best friend, So I don’t want to let something make you sad from me!

  2. Hi Roucky!
    I use a program called Camtasia Studio to make animations.


    • Hey Angel!

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