New Pin Hidden, New Sport And Snow Catalog Secrets And New Paint By Letters: Lime Green Dojo Clean Book

Update: 1000 Hits Party Coming Soon

Hello everyone! It’s so Cold Here, Anyway The New Pin Hidden is in the Light House Beacon, It’s the Lily Pin:
And the New Snow And Sport Catalog is out, It’s all about Hockey, Snorkeling And Ballet, And here how do it look like:
And there are only one secret Click on the “Climbing Wall”:
To get the Climbing Tools which is: “The Mountain Climber and The Hiking Boots”:
And there’re only one New Background:
And the New Book Paint By Letters doesn’t out yet, I’ll post it later.
That’s all for now!


11 Responses

  1. Cool! Climbing Tools!

  2. Hi Roucky!
    Sure! I would love your membership! Thanks! When can you give it to me?

    • Mmmmmmm! look angel now I have to buy a new lab top so that I’m usibg my mum labtop when I buy it I’ll gave the Member Ship to you

  3. I cant wait until yout party

    • Me too but It will be about 1000 Hits

  4. Hi Roucky!
    Er sure! Tell me when my membership is ready for me.


    • Hey!
      In end of the Month!

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