Celebrate Puffles

Hello everyone! There’s a new Party, It’s called Celebrate Puffles! It’s all about Puffles and having fun with them in the Club, It will start on February 13th, And the Club Penguin™ said that put a Puffles furniture in your Igloo and your Puffles will use it and play with it, It’s look like so exited for the members this time because they can buy Puffles furniture, And this is the First time that Club Penguin™ celebrate with Puffles, There will be a New Puffles Furniture Catalog, Check it out how do Puffles play:
In other News BillyBob said: Puffles playing more in igloos is just the start — later this month there are a few more puffle surprises including a great big Puffle Party! The party will start February 20, but I”ll have more details about that next week.
And that’s all for Now! Try to buy Puffles Furniture before it’s gone, Because there will be a new Puffles Furniture Catalog!


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