Lime Green Dojo Clean Book Is Here

Hello everyone! The new Paint By Letters Book is out, It’s called “Lime Green Dojo Clean”. It’s really cool,  There isn’t any cheats in the Book. It’s all about Cleaning the Dojo, He’s story that a Team of Penguin comes to the Dojo to Party and then they want to stick something by using glue then the Cleaner was so angry because the make the Dojo dirty then they help him to clean the Dojo again.. The end:
the end
And there are a new Comic Click here to view it, It’s Funny.. And that’s all for now!


5 Responses

  1. hey roucky can i be an administrator of ur site??
    if i can thx!!

    • Hello! Sorry I like to work alone on my Site..

  2. Hi Roucky!
    Well….I don’t normally put other people’s banners on my site because other people will want me to out theres on and my site will just be full of banners..So I’m sorry. But I’ll put you on my blogroll if you want?
    Oh and when will my membership be ready?

    • Ok, Thanks your Member will be ready on Feb. 22 or maybe before

  3. No cheats? I beg to differ. Once you finish each page there are.

    Roucky3: Sure there will be.. But not Now! Because I have to finish my Pages!

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