New Penguin Style Catalog And Catalog Secrets

Hello everyone! There’s a new Penguin Style Catalog It’s Awesome, This is the best one that I’ve saw in Club Penguin, How ever, Before we Start Click here to see how do Club Penguin™ make Items!, Any Way.. Lets go to the Secrets:
Click on the word T-Shirts letter S to get the Blue Spikester Wig:
Click on the Flower Pot to get the Red Viking Helmet:
Open and Close the Flowe Pot by clicking on Three times to get the Blue Viking Helmet:
Click on the word Clearance letter A to get the Pink Pom Pom:
Click on the word Clearance letter E on the Next page to get the Red Hoddie:
Click on the Disco Light Circle Between the Dancing Penguins to get the Fruit Headdress:
Click on the Penguin Beak Face to get the Russian Hat:
Click on the Snowman Carrot Nose to get the Yellow Scarf:
Click on the word Penguin At Work letter E to get the Spikette:
And there’s 4 New Background only one Background is New It’s the Puffles Shop Backgroud:
If there’re any Proplems comment me please.. That’s all for now!


3 Responses

  1. Well, the first thing to do is comment on his site warning him you can shut him down. Wait at least 12 hours and if it’s still there report him to WordPress. They’ll probably suspend him for 24-48 hours.

    Roucky3: Thanks!

  2. The coding on my site came from a book (The Ultimate Official guide to Club Penguin. Please keep in mind that we can shut your site down as well. So I suggest you stop accusing me of doing something I didn’t do. This is a fair waring.

  3. Hi Roucky,
    I put you on my blogroll.
    Just tell me when my membership is ready

    Roucky3: Sure 15angel7!

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