The Club Penguin Time

Hello everyone! The News all about the Puffles and there Party which is on February 20 to February 24.. And don’t forget to bring your Puffle!:
And the Puffles will start Interestingwith there Furniture Tomorrow.. Cheek it out when they Play.., They really will love you:
And the New Stage will out tomorrow too, It’s about: Team Blue Us Team Red.. And I have too a Awesome News Captain Rockhopper will Arrived in the Puffles Party.. So don’t miss it! That’s all for Now!


3 Responses

  1. Hi Roucky,
    You go to and you sign up for an account.
    Same with
    Hope that helps.

    Roucky3: Thanks! It’s helping me

  2. Hi Roucky
    Glad it helped.
    For I can’t sign you up because you have to check your email and password and everything. Its not hard. Plus, your name Roucky3 has already been taken, check your email.
    If you need anymore help feel free to ask.

    Roucky3: Thanks

  3. Nice site & post! You should check out mine (by clicking my name) thanks for your time

    Roucky3: Thanks.. Ok!

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