New Pin Hidden, New Stage: Team Blue Us Team Red And New Puffles Furniture Catalog

Hey everyone! There’re alot of things happens and some Updates in the Club, However..There’s a New Pin Hidden, It’s in the Mine! It’s the Puffles ‘O’ Box!:
And there are a New Stage.. It’s back again.. It’s the Team Blue Us Team Red! Here’s a Pic:
There’re one Secret in the Customer Catalog.. Click on the Dog Ball in the Red Penguin Hand:
 I’m surprise because the Red Viking Helmet is in the Costume Catalog It’s not very new thing because you can find the Viking Helmet in the Stage Costume Box!! To get the Red Viking Helmet:
And there’re a New Puffles Furniture too, There’s just one Secret.. Click on the Brown Flower behind the Green Pet House.. To get the Gray Puffles House:
And there’s some Boxes on the Club for the Puffles Party, The Boxes in the Town, Plaza, ShyVillage  And Cave. And that’s all for now! If there’re any new updates I will post it.


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  1. The Pic of the Puffles Catalog Secret Coming Soon because when I was Online I lost Connection! And when I Login again It’s now loading! Done!

  2. Hi Roucky,
    Yes I can post for you while you cannot post. You can add me to your site whenever.

  3. WOO roucky did u see the NBA allstar game last night???!!! WEST GETS VICTORY!! i saw the whooooooooooooooooooooooole thing!!!

    Roucky3: Sorry I didn’t see it!

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