Puffles Party And New Better Igloo Catalog

Hello everyone! The Puffles Party is Awesome.. It’s all about Puffles, It’s so Cool! The Free Item is in the Cove, It’s the Puffles Bandana:
It’s really Funny we look like a Puffles! Click here to See how do Puffles Play!
And let’s go to the Furniture Catalog Secrets.. Click on the Piñata, To get the Big Gold Fish Aquarium:
Click on the Snow Tower on the wright, To get the Green Bird House:
Click on the Velvet Rope the Red line, To get the Welcome Mat:
And I have too a Awesome News, Capatin Rockhopper will arrived in the Next Friday:
And that’s all for Now.. And don’t forget to Bring your Puffles with you to discover the Awesome Puffles Party! Comment me about what do you think about the Puffles Party, Puffles Rock!


2 Responses

  1. […] Puffles Party And New Better Igloo Catalog « Roucky3 Secrets b…/b […]

    Roucky3: Who are you?

  2. yahoo rockhopper a coming

    Roucky3: Yeah!

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