White Puffle

Hey everyone! There’s a White Puffle waddling in Club Penguin.. Here’s how I found him.. When I was Exploring the Party, I want to the Dojo then I saw the Dojocrass is shaking, In the First I was think that it’s a Ninja but then It’s a White Puffles hidding in it! I’m really surprised of that, The Club Penguin Time have write about it in the News.. They said: Some Penguins suspect the existence of White Puffle that would easily hidein the Snow. Could they be everywhere and we just don’t know! Here’s the pic when I saw the White Puffle:
The White Puffles is shown every 30 Minutes in the Dojo.. So check it out.. And that’s all for Now!


4 Responses

  1. Nice post roucky3. Keep the good work!

    Roucky3: Thanks!

  2. i haven’t see it

  3. I saw it!!

  4. Yo this is bla44 im sure you remember me and I remember you too, I didn’t know you had a blog! Why didn’t you tell me? 😀

    Roucky3: Oh.. Hey! Sorry maybe I forget to tell you!

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