Captain Rockhopper Is On Club Penguin Tomorrow

Hello everyone! The Captain will arrived in Club Penguin Tomorrow.. And now he’s Spotted in the Telescope, You can see his Ship the Migrator, He’s so Near to the Club, It’s so Exited. He always bring with him a Rare Item in his Catalog! Here’s the Captain in the Telescope:
In Other News BillyBob Said: So many of you are talking about seeing white Puffles around Club Penguin.. I’d love to hear about what happened if you think you’ve seen one. I think that the White Puffle will be Sailing in the Snow Party! Or maybe when Captain Rockhopper comes and Sealing them in his Rare Items Catalog! And that’s all for Now!


2 Responses

  1. Hi Roucky,
    Sure I will post on your site soon when something comes out ok!
    Oh and by the way is my free membership ready yet? Thanks!


  2. Hi Roucky,
    I posted about Rockhopper on your site..


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