Some of Rockhopper Stories

Hello everyone! I’ve saw Rockhopper yesterday.. And It was Awesome! And he saud too alot of Stories, Here’s some of them, The Soda Cream Story: Arrrg, ye want a story? Gather round for a story! So there I was, drinking me cream soda. I was so thirsty, I drank the whole barrel! But then I realized something, I wasn’t drinking cream soda at all! Do ye know what it was? It was shampoo! I was coughing up bubbles for a week. It was awful! Learn from ye mistakes! Always check the label on ye barrel! The BubbleGum Story: Another story?! Okay, Mateys. So there I was on my ship, sailing the seas, with Yarr at my side. Yarr was chewing bubble gum. When all of a sudden, right in my beard, it was a sticky mess! I was picking it out for a week. The end, Mateys. And that’s all for Now.. Comment me If you have some of Captain Rockhopper Stories. Thanks alot.


4 Responses

  1. Hey, I finshed your header: . Save the picture, and upload it in!



    Roucky3: Thanks! Nice one!

  2. LOL, top notch, short stories.

    Roucky3: I haven’t write all his Stories.. Because he’s leaving Fast ,Talking Fast And the Big Proplem is that the People is talking alot and Can’t let me Attention with him :-(!

  3. that’s reminds me when i went to the sweet shop with my friend there was pick n mix and he told me that i was taking sugar almonds not mini eggs when i thought they were mini eggs then i checked the label and it said sugar almonds and i put them back in the pot they were in.

    Roucky3: Check out what the Captain Says: Learn from ye mistakes! So do you?

  4. yes

    Roucky3: Cool!

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