The Club Penguin Time

Update: There’s a New Coloring Page on Club Penguin, Click here to View it.

Hello everyone! Sometimes I can’t post or Surf the Net, Because I have alot of Home Works.. Anyway, There’s alot of things will happened in Club Penguin so Soon.. It’s awesome! There will be The Penguin Play Awards! It’s for the Members Penguins.. What I means it’s will be be an Awards will Honer for the Best Plays in Club Penguin:
And the White Puffle will Be adopting in this Friday.. There will eight Colours of Puffles, Here’s a pic for them in the Pet Shop:
And for the parties.. Alot of thing but there will be two Parties in Club Penguin this Month, The Parties is the Snow Party and the St. Patric’s day Party.. I’ll be update this Post so Soon, Because I have to do my Home Works.. Thanks alot, Ans That’s all for Now!


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  1. Click my username to go to the CPRA (Club Penguin Rulers Association) site. We are a CP Army. The 10 most active members every month will be in a drawing to win a membership.

    If your feeling bored in Club Penguin or just wanna have more fun in CP the CPRA is perfect for you. Try it for 10 days and you will love it! We already have 50 members in 1 month.

    Roucky3: Ok..

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