White Puffles and Penguin Style

Go to the Pet Shop now and be sure to pick up a white puffle. The whole puffle magazine is updated too. Just looks different I mean.


I didn’t mention in the title that there was a new Penguin Style so that means secrets! Let’s get started.

Click the big pot of gold to get… well, the pot of gold.


Click “more” to get the boa. That’s the thing that’s pink and fuzzy that girls where around their neck.


Click where the beams intersect to get the red viking helmet. Open and close it 4 times to get the blue viking helmet.


Click “fee” out of Cof”fee” Shop to get the Spikester. But let me tell you a story. When I make these files I name then like “blue hoodie hidden lighthouse” which would mean click the Lighthouse for a blue hoodie. That’s just an example BTW. So I made this one “Spikester hidden fee”. Get it? Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.


Click on the purple part of the dance floor for the Spikette.


On the second clearence page click the “R” in clearence for the fruit headdress.


Have fun dressing up and walking your new white puffle!



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