New Pin Hidden And The St. Patric’s Day Party Is Here

Hello Everyone! The New Green Party is Out, It’s the St. Patric’s Day Party! Now the Club is covers with Green Colors and Items, First let’s go to the New Pin, The New Pin Hidden is in the Ski Hill,It’s the Lucky Coin!:
And Now let’s go to the Party! There’s Tow Free Items, One for the Members Penguins which is the located in the Forest Leprechauns House, It’s the Accordion!:
And for the Non Members, It’s in the Coffee Shop, It’s old items.. It’s the Shamrock Hat:
And I will let you Explore the Party, I don’t want to tell you everything right Now, Because If I did you will not have a enough Fun! And that’s all for Now.. Waddle on, And if you need anything.. Feel free to Comment!


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  1. I’m new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP…
    Do you know if this can be true; ?
    it came off
    Thanks 🙂

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