Game Gear, Teleporting G, New Ninja News, and Member Levels

Hey, guys! I have a lot of stuff to talk about and I’m really excited! The first one is that tomorrow (March 27) by games there will be gear to get for it. YAY!!!


Second, G said he is making a device that, though well worded enough to fool younger players, is going to be able to teleport you anywhere. It sounds cool but we already have the map and the spy phone. Do we really need more?

Now for all you ninjas out there this is going to be good. The ninja catalog will be updated tomorrow. (March 27) NINJAS RULE!!!


Now member have levels… What? Yeah, the badge displays the month you’ve been a member. From what I can tell each stripe is for 6 months. I’m a 4 star member! If I get another 6 month membership I’ll be 5 star, the highest member!


That’s all for now. Keep checking back for more news!



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