New Penguin Style Catalog Secrets And Penguin Play Awards Top Winner

Hello everyone! There’s a New Penguin Style Catalog! The Club Penguin doesn’t get alot of New Clothes! It’s Old, And in latest Catalogs.. They said that the Old Items will be coming in the Next Cataloges, And now they are Here, And here’s the Secrets of the Penguin Style Catalog:
Click on the Coffee Cap on the Table, The First Cap.. To get the Black Gradulation Cap:
Click on the Lights Spot, Where the Spotlights Cross.. To get the Red Vicking Helmet:
Open the Lights Spot, Where the Spotlights Cross,And Close it 3 Times.. To get the Blue Viking Helmet:
Click on the the Word Coffee the Letters “FEE”.. To get the Blue Spikster:
Click on the Pocket of the Purple Swea T-Shirt.. To get the Boa:
Click on the Burble Disco Light Between the Two Penguins Who’s Dancing in the Disco.. To get the Burble Spikette:
And Finally, Click on the Glod Pot who’s the Rain Bow shining on it!.. To get the Pot O’Glod:
And there’re 4 New Background.. Check them out:
And Now for the Penguin Play Awards.. The Best Play till Now, The Golden Puffle Play and It’s got 4 Awards and The Fairy Fables got 1 Award, Click here to See the Award Board.. And that’s all for Now.. But I’m surprise! Because No One Have Post this Post! I don’t know what’s Going on! However, Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. Sorry for not posting Roucky, the catalog came over 10 hours late. I wasn’t going to wait 10 hours.

    Roucky3: When I was online the Catalog was here!

  2. Cool I Met You as ayushbest1!!!!!!! you remember now ??????

    Roucky3: Yeah Buddy!

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