1 Year Of Rocking WordPress

Hello everyone! Today is the Day that I’ve created my Site.. Here’s my Site Story: In the First I was thinking that to Create a Site.. Then I’ve Searched.. til I’ve Found Google Sites! And then I’ve greate a Site on it. It was really Bored and didn’t got a Cool Stuff like WordPress but I was Updating there. And Now when I created on WordPress, It’s was Awesome to link It’s got alot of Stuffs, And in the first I was learning about how to Bloging, Til i’ve done.. And start Bloging in my Site, now bloging is my Favourite.. And now I get popular in the Net but not Much, Just like a Normal Penguin who got a Blog ans Update his Blog. I got alot of Memories on my Site that I had on the times that I left through! And in my Journal, I’ve met alot of New Friends. They helped me too. And now they are my Best Friends! It’s so Cool when you got a Site, So people can know you. And I just wanna to Thanks: A Big Thanks to WordPress and Club Penguin, To My Best Friends: Fluffycatfan, Videl, 15angel7, Davy and Bobcoffee, To The People who helped me. And To all the People who I met in the Net. And I’ll be updating my Site us well.. And Club Penguin is a Awesome Place to play, Chat, And meet New Friends! Some people think that Club Penguin is for Kids only! No, This isn’t True, Club Penguin is from 4 to 16 years old and It’s open to all the Ages! And that’s all for Now.. Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. hey awesome!! would you beleive this my website also got 1000 hits today! awesome isn’t it?

  2. Hey! Awesome! my site is really pooring in the hits for some random reason?!?! Thanks for including me! I remember when this site didn’t even have a 1,000 views. I can see talent, correct grammer and a good use of the English vocabulary!


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