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Hey Everyone! I know that I haven’t post in the last days! I was too Busy, However.. I will start Posting from Now! I was think to Make a Contest! And I’ve searched for a Prize, Then I’ve found my First Penguin Gakeme 3! This is Really Rare Penguin It’s 854 Days! Here’s his Picture:
If you want this Rare Penguin, You Shuld give me: 4 Coins Codes.. Not a Books Codes, It’s a Coins Codes, If you want to give me, Send it to my Email:
And Don’t forget to Visit my Site And Comment Me! Thanks alot.. Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. if you are getting 4 then i dont have to give you it

  2. 4 coin codes!!! thats ridiculos! I dont even have 1!

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