Sled Racing Updates and New Dance Music!

Hi Penguins!

The Sled Racing updates and new dance music have finally arrived!


To get a toboggan go to the ski hill, and there is a toboggan next to the pole or you can just click on the green square at the lower right of the screen. Its only for members though.


This is what you look like when you sled with it:


New Dance Music

You can see the new music when you go to the Nightclub and play the Dance game. The new songs are ‘Patrick’s Jig’, ‘Go West’ and ‘Let’s Bounce’. Only for members, too.

What do you think about these new member updates?


2 Responses

  1. Roucky,
    I probably can go on Club Penguin at 3.00am Sunday. Probably, because I might have something to do because I have school. What server and place?

    Roucky3: Frozen Sever, Town!

  2. Ok, I’ll try. If I can’t I’m sorry! I’ll try though.

    Roucky3: Sure..

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