New Penguin Style Catalog, Medieval Party Decorations and Getting Paid!

Hi Penguins!

Penguin Style Catalog

Here are the cheats to the Penguin Style Catalog available in the Gift Shop.

~ Click on the window on the right for the Woodmans Hat.


~ Click on between the windows for the Crystal Staff.


~ Click on the Shadow for the Blue Dragon Costume.


~ Click on the cup for the Black Graduation Hat.


~ Click on the lights for the Red Viking Helmet.


~ Open and close the red viking helmet for the Blue viking Helmet.


~ Click on the E in Coffee for the Spikester


~ Click on the pocket of the hoodie for the Boa


There are also new backgrounds.

Medieval Party Coming!

Check out the stuff in Club Penguin for the Medieval Party!

Check out the: Town, Plaza, Beach, Pool, Ski Village, etc.

Can’t wait til the party!

Postcard, getting paid!

Check out the postcard in the newspaper! Soon we will get paid if we are a secret agent or tour guide. Awesome! 🙂

What do you think about these updates? 😀


8 Responses

  1. Hello fellow penguin, I am Salty! 😀 and I am just coming here to see how your site has been! WOW your hits are doing amazing and also I love your changes done to the site! I am very surprised …. Your doing very well and I would like you to come to my site to see what I have been up to!

    Thanks and i hope you have a terrific day! : )


    Roucky3: Thanks Salty! I hope to you too!

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