You Decided: A Wig Color!

Hello And Namaste Penguins!!!

You must remember that you all voted for a wig color. The choices were Brown, Blue And Golden….Well after all your votings and all the results are Yes you guessed right!! Its Blue!! Here is how you look after wearing this wig. It will be available soon:

On the other hand I hope you all are enjoying Medieval Party a lot.It’s very cool to see all of you dressing up and getting creative in the spirit of the Medieval Party! Well then Enjoy!!!

And don’t forget to see Fan Club because it has been Updated!! And there will be more awesome updates of this blog soon…..very soon!!

Thats all for now!

Until then..Waddle On!



4 Responses

  1. (THIS IS FOR ROUCKY). hey buddy! you won a cp toy code series 2!!! send me gakeme and i willl reply with the coin code (i have it and i WILL give you it right away!!!)

  2. did u get the code?

  3. Hiya Videl and Roucky.
    This comment is for Roucky though 🙂
    Um…about the comment you left on my site..
    A site that edits photos? Like how?
    Also, you want a moving header for my site? To see my site stuff? Sorry, I don’t really know what you mean.. And if its ok can you kind of include my header right now in your new moving header because i kind of like it like that..thanks

    -15angel7 or Annie (you can call me either)

  4. Oh yeah, also Roucky, I will be away for 2 days so can you please post for me? Thanks.

    Rocuky3: Sure..

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