New Snow And Sports Catalog Secrets, Rockhopper New Background And Dojo Updates

Hey Everyone! Sorry ’cause I haven’t post this Post early, I was studying for my Final Exams! However, The New Snow And Sport Catalog is Here! And there’s alot of New Items.. I think the Catalog is for the New Party, The Adventure Party! And I think that Rockhopper brought the Plants with him for the Adventure Party! It’s looks Cool! Whatever, Let’s go to the New Snow And Sports Secrets..
Click on the on the Soccer Ball in the Top of the Page, In front of Word Soccer.. To get the Green Soccer Jersey!
And Finally I met Captain Rockhopper! It was the Best time that I have ever had in the Club.. He’s really an Awesome Friend, I wish I can be his Buddy! And the Good thing that he gives a New Background! It’s really Cool! I met him in Mammoth Server.. And Christmas Server.. Here’s Captain Rockhopper’s New Background:
And for the Dojo.. There’s a New Update there, When you go to the Dojo, Dojo Courtyard or the Ninja Hideout, You will find a New Button on the , When you click it it appears a Board with your Ninja Stuff, Your Ninja Belt and you Ninja Card Jetsu Cards! And Sorry for the Late again, And sorry for the Shortcutting.. And that’s all for Now, There’s only one Cheats in the New Snow And Sports Catalog.. What do you think of the New Snow And Sports Catalog? And did you met Rockhopper yet? Waddle on!


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  2. awsome post dude!


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