New Pin Hidden And New Penguin Style Catalog Secrets

Hey Everyone! Sorry for Late again! The Adventure Party is Coming.. And there’s alot of Changed happened in Club Penguin Island.. And the 101 Days Of Fun will start from Today, I will post about it later! Whatever, There’s a New Pin Hidden in Club Penguin! The New Pin Hidden is in the Book Room, It’s the Safari Hat Pin:
And There’s a New Penguin Style Catalog.. It’s Not got alot of New Items! But it’s got an Awesome Items for Summer.. Here’s the New Penguin Style Catalog Secrets:
Click on the Rock behind the Brown Penguin, In the Lower Left.. To get the Canteen:
Click on the Shadow, In the Top of the Page between the Archer’s Windows .. To get the Crystal Staff:
Click on the Archer’s Window, In the Top Right the Page.. To get the Woodsmans Hat
Click on the Dragon Shadow, Behind the Stairs.. To get the Blue Dragon Costume:
Click on the Coffee Cap on the Table, The First Cap on the Left.. To get the Black Gradulation Cap:
Click on the Lights Spot in the Top of the Page, Where the Spotlights Cross.. To get the Red Vicking Helmet:
Open the Lights Spot in the Top of the Page, Where the Spotlights Cross, And Close it 3 Times.. To get the Blue Viking Helmet:
And that’s all for the New Penguin Style Catalog Secrets.. And Rockhopper Plants has been Spreading all Over Club Penguin Island.. Because for the New Coming Party, The Adventure Party! And that’s all for Now.. What do you think of the New Updates? What do you think about Rockhopper’s Plants? Waddle on!


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  1. awsome!!!

  2. h3t8yV comment4 ,

  3. good job well kinda

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