Beta Penguin Give Away

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Hello and Namaste Penguins!
As we all promised here is another rare penguin coming your way! Yeah its very rare and Beta.. Here is its pic:
So what do you all think ?? Cool isn’t it??? Now here is what to do: In the Round One, You got to Answer the Question: Here are some questions you gotta Answer:
Q1: Whats the date when Rockhopper took his and Yarr’s first photograph?
Q2: When did Rockhopper found a treasure under the sea?
Q3: What happened in September 2007?  [Write in few Words]
So easy they are… Send your answers to I and Roucky will be deciding the final winner..Dont Comment send an e-mail Its not necessary that the first person who sends the e-mail will win…So keep trying and answering Results will be declared on 20th June! Leave a comment about what you think of this contest and this blog
Thanks, Thats all.. Waddle On!


11 Responses

  1. its Bla, what penguin were you talkin\’ \’bout?

  2. roucky when will u tell us the winner

  3. hello its me cinnimon502 if you want 1000 coins send me your user name and pass to i wont ban or tell other people so email me

  4. I never banned a penguin in my life!! I never use hacks either! It would be perfectly safe with me. Plz I need a beta penguin it’s been my cp dream! I’ll do anything to get a beta penguin! Accept give my account away. But plz email me back at Come on make a dream come true! If you do I’ll totally owe you one!

  5. hello ill trade you 2 rare old penguins 6 or 7 hundred days old one has a beta hat the red hard hat ill trade both of them for that penguin thatnks

    Roucky3: Send the Penguins to: Then I will see the Penguins, If they are Rare.. I will reply you with the Beta!

  6. check your email dude

  7. i sent it to you

  8. ;isten dude send me the name and pass no my email before i can trade you i need to check it

  9. hi tatetot27 here again and someone else might get that penguin you want soi need you to email me back asap

  10. i will trade a rare penguin for that penguin its not a beta butn its a hundred days old!

  11. i mean a thousnad opps lol

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