New Pin Hidden And New Better Igloos Catalog Secrets

Hey Everyone! Club Penguin is Starting getting Awesome and Fun with the New Updates and Stuffs.. It’s got alot of Updates And New Stuff, Games, Parties And More! I’m really Sorry for Late.. But I Promise you that you will get the Latest Updates Faster than Now, Starting from Monday.. Just like you know me! It’s just Two Exams and My Summer Holiday will Start, And My School will Finish.. Yay! Whatever, There’s a New Pin Hidden in Club Penguin.. It’s the Watermelon Pin.. It’s in the Lighthouse:
And The Better Igloos Furniture Catalog is Here! It’s got alot of Awesome Items.. But Not all of the Items are New.. And the Catalog’s just 6 Pages! And it’s Not got alot of New Secrets in the New Catalog.. Here’s the Secrets:
Click on the Fire, On the Fire, In the Top of the Bamboo Torch.. To get the LCD Television:
Click on the Medieval Banner.. To get the Penguin Knight Sculpture:
Click on the Biggest Part of the Poodle Plant.. To get the Wheelbarrow:
Click on the Corn Plant, In the Right Side.. To get the Picket Fence:
And that’s all For the New Better Igloos Furniture Catalog Secrets.. And There’s a New Party is Coming in the Next Month.. It’s the Music Jam Party! It’s will Release Soon in the Penguin Time And What’s New Blog.. What do you think about the New Better Igloos Catalog? What do you think about the New Party? And that’s all for Now.. Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. I Want The Club Penguin Font Like U Said On YouTube!
    My Email:

  2. Hey you said results for beta penguin will be on june 20th. Who won?

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