Penguins World

Hey Everyone! I have Finished my School Today, Finally! I have made a New Site.. It’s the Penguins World! It’s just like the Facebook! The Site’s for Communicate with your Family, Friends And a lot of Penguin By Sharing Photos, Music And More..! Click here to go to Penguins World! Don’t forget to Sign Up!
And that’s all for Now.. Waddle on and Have Fun!


6 Responses

  1. Cool! I think I will sign up…also, I sent you a email with me answers…I think I aced it….

  2. I made up where i live, and what age i am…can i be a author here?

  3. whats the club penguin logo font called? i seen the vid where u aid to go here and comment.

  4. what is the club penguin font?

  5. plz respond, if u need my email it is and if you need my site to comment the font it is ! i will be still checking this site for the answer!

  6. go to

    Roucky3: The Site is Incorrect! Waddle on..

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