Music Update Coming Soon

Hey Everyone! On Friday, You’ll find Some New Music in your Igloo.. And There’s also New Update in Club Penguin Games, There will be New Update for DJ3K Game, In the Night Club! And Members Penguins will be Able to Purchase Exclusive Music Tracks from a Special Catalog, And then take them right into the Game! Here’s a Peek:
In other News Billybob said: There’s been some talk of Yellow Puffles being Quite Enthusiastic about the Update to the DJ3K game… We’ll have to see what that’s all about on Friday. What do you think about the New DJ3K Update? What do you think about the Yellow Puffle? And that’s all For Now.. Waddle on!


5 Responses

  1. when r results coming out?

  2. who is the winner????

    Roucky3: Coming soon!

  3. k!?!?! i cant wait…i THINK i aced the quiz..if there is a tie, what happens?

    Roucky3: We will Choice another Winner.. And the Results will Release Tomorrow! And the Contest is Videl Contest, I’ve just helped with Some things! And there’s a Round Two in the Contest, The Round Two will post Tomorrow.. Waddle on

  4. oh…i almost AM POSITIVE i aced so…ya

  5. when will the results come out

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