Bate Penguin Give Away

Hey Everyone! We’ve thinking that we Organize another Contest, Another Beta Penguin.. This time you won’t Answer Questions! All you have to do is Give us 3 Cions Codes! Then we will give you a Beta Penguin with 1227 Days! And it’s Beta too! Here’s the Penguin Pic:
roucky3 beta penguin
If you want the Beta Penguin post a Comment and I will give you the Email! Let’s see your Comments.. And that’s all for Now.. Waddle on!


18 Responses

  1. i am getting a cp one month membership…trade ya 4 that

  2. That is kinda cheap dude, how about the penguins who can not get 3 coin codes have to comment 400 times?

  3. Hey….good ish news….I getting a couple codes today..

  4. will ya take membershipS?

  5. i will give you 1 coin code and 1 membership

  6. will that work?

  7. will ya

  8. I will give you the coin code

  9. I cant get 3 coin codes but how about I help you with some website work I’m really good with computers. Trust me I could really,really,really,really, help.

  10. i will trade u one coin code for it

  11. Plz give me a beta. I could pay you back in favors.

  12. Please give me a beta. I never been on a beta since I started in 2007. And I really would like one. I cant get 3 coin codes but how about I help you with something?

    Roucky3: I will share with you meh Beta, If you get alot of People in meh Site!

  13. And I will earn you 100,000 coins.

  14. Ill give 4


  16. ill trade a 1000 day old penguin for that beta penguin,its name is citywalker22 and it has really rare and old items

    • Sorry, But it says 3 Coin Codes with any Series.

  17. Btw Roucky I Dont need a header anymore becsuse raven gave me one for FREE dunno why I Asked you!

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