New Igloo Upgrades Catalog Secrets, New Igloo Music And DJ3K Update

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the late Update.. I’m on Vacation Now! But I can leave Club Penguin and WordPress, However.. There’s a New Igloo Upgrades Catalog, There’s not a New Igloos Style but there’s a New Igloos Floors! Here’s the New Igloo Upgrade Catalog Secrets, Also the Secrets, Even the same!:
Click on the Crow Bar, In the Top Right of the Page.. To get the Secret Stone Igloo:
Click on the Words Candy, On the page of the Candies Igloos.. To get the Gingerbread House:
And Click on the Door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo.. To get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo:
And there’s a New Igloo Music, They are Rocks.. Check them out, The New Music are Viking Opera, Mountain Dojo, Silly to Funky and Planet Y:
And for the DJ3K Update.. There’s a New Catalog, It’s the Dance Catalog! You can by Tracks of different mixin’ Themes, Here’s where you can Buy the Tracks:
And that’s all for Now.. I will try to Update for the New Update! And that’s all for Now.. Waddle on!


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  1. you are the best

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