Sensei’s Coming Soon To Club Penguin

Hey Everyone! I know that’s a Late Update But I have to write Because there’s alot of Sensei Fans are waiting for him and Maybe they don’t know that! Whatever.. When you Log In Club Penguin, You will find a Postcard in your Penguin Mail! It’s from Sensei.. Here’s how it’s looks like:
Here’s what’s write in it: July 3-5, You are invited To secret Ninja Hideout Beside the Dojo, I will be teaching Ninjas a new special move. I may see you there! that”s what was in the Message! I think he’s going to give a Background with he’s Sign.. What do you think about the New Update? Are you a Sensei Fan? Waddle on!


4 Responses

  1. cool!

  2. Sensei Will Appearance Soon? That’s the absolute worst grammar I’ve ever heard! Well, technically, seen but you know.

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