Club Penguin Times #194

Hello And Namaste Penguins!!

Its Thursday and as you all know Club Penguin launched its weekly newspaper.

Here the major news:

1.  Festival Dates Announced Starting July 17th!

Get ready to rock penguins! Its the Music Jam Party again… Last year it was a big blast. It returns to club penguin from 17th to 24th of July! Wow! The Club Penguin Times also said that it will be speacial also due to the appearence of DJ Cadence! So her fans be on the road!


So gather your little band and show club penguin how musical are you!

2.Train Hard! Meet Sensie! July 3 – July 5:

In this event you all Card Jitsu Fans will be trained very hard with the help of a Ninja..


So if you are a Sensie Fan then dont forget to check the Secret Ninja Hideout beside the dojo from July 3 to 5….

That was all Major….And here are the events for the week:

1. Train With Sensie the master! From July 3 to July 5th!


2. Ruby and the Ruby comes again! Yes the one and only best mysterious play comes back to stage from July 10th to August 13th!


3. More for members! The Penguin Style Catalog is here!! July 3rd to August 6th.


4. And dont forget 101 days of fun are still not over!!


Well thats all for now!

Until then Waddle On!



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