New Pin Hidden, New Penguin Style Catalog Secrets And Sensei’s Here

Hey Everyone! Alot of Updates are Coming to Club Penguin.. And the New Update for Today are Awesome too! And don’t forget the 101 Days of Fun! Disney have Changed alot of Club Penguin Stuff.. And when Disney bought Club Penguin, Club Penguin is Starting getting Better and Coolest that last! Whatever, There’s a New Pin Hidden in Club Penguin.. The New Pin Hidden is the Dojo Lantern Pin, It’s in the Pool:
And there’s also a New Penguin Style Catalog, It’s about the Music and the Music Jam Party, It’s Included all of the Pop Stars Fashions, Wigs, Clothes And Guitars.. Let’s go to the New Penguin Style Catalog Secrets, It’s Not much and Not New else.. Here’s the New Penguin Style Catalog Secrets:
Click on the Gray Part in the Piano.. To get the Viking Helmet:
Click on the Gray Part in the Piano, Then Open it And Close it 3 Times.. To get the Blue Viking Helmet:
Click on the Sea Shell, Between the two Penguin on the Middle on the Page.. To get the Canteen:
Click on the Word Penguins, In the Top of the Page.. To get the Crystal Staff:
Click on the Archer’s Window, In the Top Right the Page.. To get the Woodsmans Hat
Click on the Dragon Shadow, Behind the Stairs.. To get the Blue Dragon Costume:
Click on the word Clearance letter C, On the Top Left.. To get the Black Graduation Cap:
And that’s all for the New Penguin Style Catalog Secrets! And Now, The Club Penguin Famous Ninja Master, Is Waddling on Club Penguin Now.. You can Found him in the Ninja Hideout, He’s always there and He won’t go to Another Rooms, And Sensei Often goes on the Crowded Servers because there’s alot of People will be there and Waiting for him to Come! And Sensei is always wearing Large Brown Rice Hat and Has a Gray Beard and his Eyes Brows, Click here to see Sensei’s Player Card! And if you find Him, You will get a Free Background with his Autograph from him and Maybe you got a Chance to Chat with Him or Playing Card Jitsu Game with him.. Here’s a Pic of the Sensei Background:
Sensei’s Autograph is Awesome! I hope you to Meet him, I haven’t Play with him the Card Jitsu.. But I have meet him! What do you think about the New Awesome Updates? Did you meet Sensei, Yet? Comment what do you think.. And Waddle on!


3 Responses

  1. Roucky3

    Not all places in Canada have places where people can buy plushie toys infact I am not even close to a city and I barely buy them anymore well I will soon because I am having upcoming contests that involve plushie toys 🙂

    I will leave a comment here and I will notify you when I do have the contest

    I will leave the link in A comment on here, I don’t know what kind of contest yet 🙂

  2. Hey awesome site! I think you might have commented on my site before? I’m not sure but I just wanted to say I love your site!

  3. cool! (dont forget to order a t. bear!)

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