Sneak Peek: Music Jam Party

Hey Everyone! Club Penguin’s Music Jam Party is Coming Soon, It’s will start From July 17 To July 26, And the Music Jam Party is a Music Party and you can Find the Penguin Band Practices Everywhere, And cool Music Performances all over the island! That was in the Last year! This Year, Music Jam will be Even Bigger and Better than the Last Year Party.. And There will be a lots of Stages with Different kinds of Music and Colours for Everyone, And for the Members Penguins, Members will get a Chance to Purchase an All Access Pass.. Here’s a Peek of the Music Jam Party:
In other New, Billybob said: It’s the perfect time to start getting ready, so grab your guitars and some friends, and find a good spot to make some noise. Be sure to let us know how your band rehearsals are coming along! And that’s all for Now.. What do you think about the New Update? What do you think about the New Sneak Peek? Comment what do you think, Waddle on!


3 Responses

  1. roucky3 you are awesome!!!!!!! please can you tell me when can i meet you in cp???????? i’m your biggest fan ever 😉 :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. hey roucky you need to give me another penguin beacause someone hacked the other one or i will suspend you and ignore you forever

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