The Club Penguin Times

Hey Everyone! I know that I haven’t post this Post for a Long Time! But I will starting to Post it again, Starting from Today! So, Let’s go to the New News and Updates in Club Penguin Island.. Today, There’s a New Club Penguin Times, Issue 195! Are you Ready for Rock? The Music Jam Party will start From July 17 To July 26, And there will be A Special Stuff for Members, The Members will able to Enter the Backstage.. To meet the Famous Club Penguin’s Penguin Band, And get an Autograph with the Penguin Band:
And there’s a New Stage Coming to Club Penguin, It’s the Ruby and the Ruby! It’s will be on the Stage starting From July 10 To August 13, This Play hasn’t got any Awards in the Penguin Play Awards.. But there’s a lot of Penguins like this Play! This Play has a lot of Hidden Surprises in the Play, You just have to know where to look for Clues, Here’s the Ruby and the Ruby’s Story: A lady by the Name of the Ruby has lost her ruby and where is it, Nobody knows! There’s only One detective for the Job, And that’s Jacques Hammer.. Here’s a Pic of the Play:
And there’s a lot of News in the New Club Penguin Times, I have post the Important News that you should know it! And there will be a New Better Igloo Catalog, It’s will be in Club Penguin Starting from July 17 To August 20, And there’s also will be a New Pin Hidden, Starting From July 17! This Month looks like there’s a lot of Awesome Updates! And that’s all for Now.. What do you think about the New Updates and News? What do you think about the Upcoming Events? Comment what do you think.. Waddle on!


3 Responses

  1. Cool Roucky! Nice site man! 😉
    – SOS

  2. Yay i love the play ruby and ruby! NIce site too!

    check out my club penguin cheats at

  3. you have the coolest site ever this is the best one yet

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