Ruby And The Ruby Play’s Here And New Costume Catalog Secrets

Hey Everyone! Club Penguin’s Not making a lot of New Plays Now! Most of them are Old, And there’s a New Play in the Stage Today.. It’s the Ruby and the Ruby Play! This Play hasn’t got any Awards in the Penguin Play Awards.. But there’s a lot of Penguins like this Play! This Play has a lot of Hidden Surprises in the Play, You just have to know where to look for Clues, Here’s how to Find the Hidden Ruby Pin.. Remember, Follow me in all the Steps:
First, Click on the Files Cabinet, Beside the Detective’s Desk:
Then, Click on the lamp, In the Top of the Desk:
Then, Click on the Trash Can, In Front of the Door:
Then, Click on the Book, In the top of the Desk:
After That, Click on the Vase, In front of the Windows.. To get the Key for the Vault:
Finally, Click on the Painting in the Right Wall, Then Click on the Vault.. After That, It’s will Open, Finally you will find the Ruby Pin:
And Now, For the New Costume Catalog.. A Club Penguin Stage Production! Here’s the New Costume Catalog Story: Private detective Jacques Hammer has a Nose for Sniffing out Trouble. One night, In the Middle of a Terrible thunderstorm, The Fiery Ms. Ruby turns up in his Office with a Problem. There’s a Missing Gemstone, And Jacques is the Man to find it. As he’s looking around for Clues, A fishy looking Characters turns up outside. Maybe he’s got Answer for Jacques.. And that’s the Story, Let’s got to the New Costume Catalog Secrets:
Click on the Gray Door Hinge.. In the top of the Page.. To get the Dark Detective’s Coat:
Finally, Click on the How do I get coins? Box, In the Last Page.. Then Drag the Mouse Down.. To get the Noir Background:
And that’s all for the New Costume Catalog Secrets.. The New Secrets are Not New! This Update is One of the June Updates, But there’s a lot of New Updates coming To Club Penguin Island this Month.. So get ready for Them! What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think about the Ruby And The Ruby Play? Comment what do you think! And that’s all for Now.. Waddle on!


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  1. You forgot to mention the vase under which the key is…

  2. ill except the penguin

  3. Thanks for commenting on my site! See you soon! bi.


  4. awesome site!!!! i’ll make sure to come here alot. and it’s amanda (manda=p or soccerlova67) from

  5. Hey Nice Blog!

  6. Nice cheats roucky!

  7. Hi! Please come to my site?
    Also, I am almost equal with u for hits

  8. WOW u got alotta hits! lolz

    thanks for the tips. i already knew how to find the ruby but i didnt know how to find that backround! thanx!
    Ya know ya wanna click that link!

  9. Roucky, you have been doing great on my blog, and I have been a little bit growing out of Club Penguin. Also, I would like to do a random blog. So, I would like to tell you that on Club Penguin Cheats you are being changed to an Adminstrator for a while, so you can run my blog, kind of. Congratulations for being the one chosen out of my other seven blog members!!! *cheers of joy start* *kids start laughing as watching fireworks*

  10. Wait a sec! you aren’t on my blog yet! I’ll add you as an admin then

  11. You signed up with your clubpenguinbuzz email right? as rockstar9601???

  12. Hi every1

    I like Your site. It is very interesting. Do You have RSS I want to add to my favorites.
    Let me know when it will be ready. Kee it UP.
    See You around Szczecin Hotele

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