Sneak Peek: Music Jam Party

Update: New Header’s Done.. Comment what do you think about it.. Waddle on!

Hey Everyone! There’s a lot of Events are Coming to Club Penguin, And One of the New Events is The Music Jam Party! The Music Jam Party is Coming Soon, And it’s will Start From July 17 To July 26! And you can find Some Boxs in the Club Penguin Island for Music Jam Party.. And the Music Jam Party will Start this Friday! And there will be Some Pretty Awesome Band rehearsals Taking Place.. And more in the Music Jam Party! Here’s a Peek of the Music Jam Party:
In Other News Billybob said: Some of you might remember the Penguin Tales writing contest from last year. Starting July 23 To August 5 we’re going to be looking for new submissions! This year is exciting because it’s the first time that French, Spanish, Portuguese and English can all submit in their own languages. Everybody can start sharpening their pencils and thinking about some of the activities and adventures you’ve been having during the 101 Days of Fun.. I’ll have more details soon. And that’s all for Now.. What do you think about the New Update? What do you think about the New Peek? Comment what do you think.. Waddle on!


5 Responses

  1. Wow, I looked all around this site and it’s….
    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Especially the hi-tech detailed pictures. 😉 Well, see you later!!

  2. Hi,
    I am having a contst at my site!Check out my site!
    If u want hits,participate in my contest and get featured at my site!I will make a banner for u too!For more details,go to mu site.
    Gulchi 😉

  3. He roucky! You forgot the dojo pin on the pin trcker.

  4. No, I don’t have a code, Roucky. Sorry.

  5. wheres my penguin im not waiting any longer

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