Music Jam 2009 + New Pin And All Updates!

Roucky3: Hey Everyone! Thanks to Videl for Posting and Sorry, I was a Way! I will back Tomorrow.. Waddle on!

Hello And Namaste Penguins!!!

As we all know Music Jam 2009 Party has begun and there are lots and lots of updates in Club Penguin!! I am a bit confused for where to start from.. Anyways lets begin with the free item… Of course it will be music related so here we come with a  green headphone!

For this you first need to go to the Cove. And then click on the free item..


And then click on yes!


I really like the new item! Its awesome!! What do you think about it?

Anyways moving on to the next thing i.e. the pin. The new pin is called Beach Umbrella Pin ( Wierd Name). To get that first go to the Boiler room. that is present into the manhole of the Plaza..


Then click on yes!


Now some member stuffs!

Club Penguin released the new  better igloos furniture catalog for this July and August! Too good for members coz it has a lots of exciting stuffs!!

Here are the hidden secrets for this catalog:

1. Click on the DJ Table to get Wall Speakers! Yeah members.. you’re gonna rock today!!!


2. On the same page click on the Gramaphone to get the Band Stage! Woohoo..


3. Click on the Stone Column to get the Guitar Stand. I like the stuff.. Do you?


4. On the next page click on the Bamboo Torch to get an LCD Tv!


5.  On the next page click on the corn plant to get Penguin Knight Sculpture.


6. On the next page Click on the left corn plant among the two to get the Medieval Banner…


And now Music Jam for Members:

Well the whole Club Penguin has changed due to this grand party. Members get plenty.. Here are some things that you might want to explore:

1. Members can get their All Access Pass from the Snow Forts!

vip pass

2. It has got many other stuffs like these which you can buy easily. The shirts ROCK!


3. The next attractive thing is the Backstage which got entrance only for Members..And guess what? Its got a Catalog too!! Have a watch:


4. And buy plenty of instruments which you never heard of..( I didn’t)!!


Now this catalog also has secrets.. Click on the title ( its the dot above alphabet i) to get drum sticks and drums:

drumsNext thing s to click on the “o” of the catalog and you’ll get black electric guitar


5. Lets move on to the next one. When you visit Snow Forts dont forget to visit the Music Maker! And Play Music by walking on the Colour of instrument you want!


I like the decorations very much! Do you?? Have met Cadence and The Penguin Band already? Are you going to be a member after seeing the decorations? Are you enjoying the Jam or are you sad for not being a member? Just Comment your views!

Thats All for Now!

Until then Waddle On!



5 Responses

  1. WHERE IS MY PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. heyy! awesome site! i am sooo sorry i didnt reply sooner to your comment. i have been busy with my pages and i was on vacation at the time! sorry, i hope you forgive me! (maybe we can meet up on cp some time as well!)

  3. Nice Site!

  4. comment on what you think!

  5. im a nonmember im actually pretty content with this party! That music maker is pretty cool too!
    -Luhy :mrgreen:

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