Club Penguin Times #197

Hello And Namaste Penguins!

Club Penguin released the Club Penguin Times #197 this Thursday as usual.. So here are the major news and events:

1. Music Jam Party 2009 continues till July 26. So dont stop to rock.. Cadence and Penguin Band are on round. So be there dont stop searching and who knows you may meet them..

2. Lavender, Aqua Or Maroon?? Club Penguin will be releasing a new color in the coming Catalog. So don’t forget to vote for your favorite color and see it winning! Voting will be held from July 24 to July 29!

3. 101 Days Of Fun: Hey dont forget that 101 days of fun have not been ended! See your task of the day and get ready to fulfill it. C’mon you can do it!

4. A bonus for story writers: If you are an aspirant writer then the Snowball Press is pleased to announce a new story competition for you all! Here are the story topics:
The Hiking Vikings
Wacky Wildlife in Wilderness
My Ultimate Igloo Dance Party
The day we turned blue…. and sunk the iceberg!

And if you win many attractive prizes are awaiting you!

5. Thats all about the news now here are the major Events:

(i) Join the historic vote for the new penguin color!

(ii) A new penguin color awaits in the next Clothing Catalog. So dont forget to check it out.. – August 7

So thats all for now!
Until then Waddle On!


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