Vote And Let Your Color Win!

Hello And Namaste Penguins!

I hope you all must have already voted for your new color in the forest. If you have not, dont worry there is still much time left!

For you all Club Penguin has made 3 new postcards so that you communicate to your friends your favorite color and tell them to vote for it too…

Here are the pics of the 3 postcards:

1. For Maroon :


2. For Aqua:


3. For Lavender:

lavenderCool Going CP!

The postcards Rock!!!!

Have you voted till now? Which color have you voted for? Are you enjoying Music Jam 2009? Just Comment and let us know..

Until then…waddle on!



5 Responses

  1. ATTENTION! FloridaGuide is urgently needing hits! Florida based website run by Club Penguin fanatic, me – iMmopuk!

    So, I would love it if you could comment here: comment here with your favourite Disney resort there! If you have more time, feel free to browse the site but if you can only leave 1 comment, leave it with your favourite resort based on the information and picture showing on that page. Thanks!


  2. lavender for real like i voted it

  3. Awesome Site Man! :- )


  4. hey can you make me a banner for my site its but can you put the word tertwig456 and make it cool plz and im a boy!!!

  5. i definetly think maroon is original
    lavender is 2 girly 4 me and aqua is kinda wut we have it looks like the lighter blue

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