Music Jam Tracks In Your Igloo This Friday

Hey Everyone! It’s been great to Club Penguin to hear how much you loved the Music Jam Party! And Even if you though that the Music Jam Party is done, Or Officially Over! This Friday, Some of The Music Jam Music will be available in your Igloos this Friday! Club Penguin is going to bring the Music Jam Party Music and Tons to your Igloo! And to get Ready for the New Tracks, Decorate your Igloo with Some Music Items from the Better Igloos Catalog:
In other News Billybob said: You guys have been really creative all over the island with the music party stuff. A lot of you told us that you liked being able to hear your instruments at the Lighthouse stage. Since we heard from so many of you, we’re going to make that a permanent thing. The team is working so that in about a week, anytime you play at the Lighthouse stage with certain instruments, you’ll be able to hear them! And that’s what Billybob said.. What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think about the Music Jam Party? Comment what do you think.. And that’s all for Now, Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. hey i was wondering that i can make you one but you havent post in the site solets make a deal make 1 post tomorrow abut something you find on cp and then ill make you the back

  2. k

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