New Club Penguin Servers

Update: Thanks to Monchocho for the New Header..

Hey Everyone! Club Penguin has added a New English Severs Today, Club Penguin added 6 New Servers! But most of the New Club Penguin Servers are Ultimate Safe Chat, Such: Dry Ice, Glacial, Patagonia and Snow Covered! The New Servers are: Dry Ice, Glacial, Sasquatch, Patagonia, Polar, Snow Board and Snow Covered , Here’s a Pic of the New Club Penguin’s Servers:
And that means the Club Penguin is going to be Penguin less Crowded, In Music Jam, Most of the Servers were Full! And most of the Servers has a Funny Names! And that’s all for Now.. Whatever, What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think about the New Servers Name? Comment what do you think, Waddle on!


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  1. Hey Roucky! Your site looks way better! Nice Site! : ) !

    wanna comment back at:

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  3. what color do you want it ? anyways you need to p[ost but waht color do you want it?

  4. Hey! I am Having a Mini Party! Here’s The Information!

    Salty’s Mini Party

    Tuesday, July 28 (Today)

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    I Hope You Can Make It! Because The Party Will Be Awesome With You There! 😉

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  5. hey, what kind of letter did you used for ROUCKY 3?

  6. i dont hvae series 1 i use em all and heres the link and also do give me credit make a short post sayign i maked it ok?

  7. Hey roucky Nice site want to help me with mine and also can i be on your blogroll you are on mine visit my site

  8. thx to you

  9. Thankyou for the offer. But we have a wonderful team that is great with photoshop. We have practiced much. We already have a logo for our MGraphics website. Our logo is on our header and our site widget. It is the M&M looking thing.

  10. One day I was bored and I found out about this awesome CP army. Heres the link to the website.
    Plz go to the website and join.

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