Club Penguin Times #198

Hello And Namaste Penguins!

At last Thursday came and Club Penguin launched the weekly newspaper. So here are the major headlines…

1. Last chance for Penguin Tales : Attention Writers! This may be your last chance for giving your stories for the penguin tales. So grab your pen and get writing as soon as possible..

Aunt Arctic reported in Club Penguin Times #198 that 4 winning stories will be published into the books of book room! Winners will also get 10101 coins and special postcard! So participate and get the glory of winning! All the best!

2. Votes Being Counted : Ummm the most decisive thing is still being processed.. Voting Booth is closed and now the voted are being counted.. Roucky and me voted for Lavender. What do you think about the winner? Just comment!


To know the winner you must check out the new penguin style catalog that is still to be launched!

3. Another Water Party? :  Gary the gadget guy is calling all penguin constucters so that a small problemof Underground pool may be solved.  “The Glass needs repairing again” said Gary! And he also said that this may result in another party!


Now we head to the major events of the week :

1. August 7: Penguin Color Announced!

Yay the penguin color will be announced soon! I cant wait.. What about you?


2. August 14 – August 18 : Gary Needs Your Help


3.  August 7- September 4 : New Penguin Style Catalog!

Good news for members coz new Penguin Style is on your way..


Thats All for Now!

Until then..Waddle On!



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