Club Penguin Times #199

Roucky3: Update: New Domain Name and New CSS is Coming! Keep Visiting the Site.. Waddle on!

Hello Everyone!

Todays thursday and guess what? As usual club penguin launched its weekly newspaper.  Though this thing is usual but this time its got something very special. Here are the important events:

1. AQUA MAKES HISTORY! : Yeah! you heard that right. AQUA wins the battle. You’ll get to see the new color that will be launched tomorow! Oh!!!!!! I cant wait!


2. Announcing The Festival Of Flight : August 14 – August 18 : This is the first ever flight party i guess. And i think Gary’s been excited at this.. Well and guess what did he said? He said that with the help of some inventions, club penguin in this party will float in clounds instead of water and ice! Cool! So be ready to flu in August 14!


Now we will head to the events this weak :

1. Yeah! Yeah! you gueesed that right! Its the Underwater Adventure from August 21 to September 10..


2. New Penguin Style  Catalog is here but this time its speacial… You know why… 🙂


3. Last but not the least New Penguin Furniture Catalog will be launched soon!

August 21 to September 18…


So thats all for now!



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