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Hey Everyone! There’s a lot of Updates in Club Penguin this Month! One of the Most Awesome Update is the Club Penguin Festival Of Flight Party! This is a New Party in Club Penguin and this Party will Start from August 14! And I’ve Posted a Sneak Peek for the Festival Of Flight Party, Click here to See it! There’s a New Reviewed By You Post on the Club Penguin What’s New Community Blog. And in the Last Reviewed By You Post, It was about Gary’s inventions.. And Club Penguin Team Choose the Best Article about it! And the Best Article was written by Barkra! And here’s what’s Barkra said: My favorite Gary the Gadget Guy invention is probably the Switchbox 3000 at the Stage. It is so much fun to see what each button does in the play! I love it!:

Thanks a lot Baraka and Nice Review! And for this Week’s Question, Club Penguin’d like to know some of the creative ways you’ll be helping Gary to prepare for lift off in the Underground Pool Area! But don’t forget, You can Only write less than 75 words for the Reviewed By You Comment! And that’s all for Now.. A lot of Updates! What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think about the New Reviewed By You Question and what’s Barkra said? Comment what do you think about it all.. Waddle on!


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  2. On one of your videos you said that if i commented on your site you would tell me the font that clubpenguin uses so can u email me telling me with one my email is

  3. Go to because a coin code contest is going on there!

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