The Club Penguin Times Secrets

Hey Everyone! The New Club Penguin Times got a lot of Secrets, But there’s Not a lot of People find them.. I’ve Searched in the New Club Penguin Time Issue 200! Everyone know that Gary the Gadget Guy will Waddle around in the Festival of Flight Party! And Members will got the Chance to meet Gary in the Underground Pool fixing the Windows, And in the Festival Of Flight Party.. There’s going to be 3 Free Items: Green Propeller Hat and Blue Lantern for the Non Members and Jet Pack for the Members Penguins! I’m not Shore of that but maybe that’s True, Check it out:
And the Scened Secret that I’ve found it in the New Club Penguin Times Issue 200, In the 101 Days Of Fun said: What kind of Sunglasses does Aunt Arctic wear? Find out by Moving your Mouse around Page B5 of the Club Penguin Times, Then tell 5 Friends! And in the Page B5 when you click in Aunt Arctic Photo, Aunt Arctic Sunglasses.. it’s Change to that:
And that’s all for the New Club Penguin Times Issue 200! The Festival Of Flight Party will Starts Tomorrow and It’s will Ends in August 18.. Check out my Site for the Festival Of Flight Party Cheats! And for the 101 Days Of Fun Fans, The 101 Days Of Fun will Ends in September, The Club Penguin Times said that’s it’s going better than Ever! Don’t forget to Check the Club Penguin Time Issue 200 for this Weeks 7 Activities! And that’s all for Now.. What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think about the New Club Penguin Time? Comment what do you think.. Waddle on!


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  1. Awesome! Can you come to my Festival of Flight Party? Here is the info:
    When: Tonight
    Time: 10:00 PM (PST)
    Server: Slushy
    Room: Dock
    This will be a fun little Mini Party! We will chat, hang out, play games, and explore the Festival of Flight! This party will rock! Tons of penguins will come, and you do not want to miss an awesome party like this! Like I always do, I will take party pics, and feature penguins! Also, if the server Slushy is full, the party will be at Snow Angel! I will see you there (along with 30 other penguins)! 😀

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