Festival of Flight Takes Off!

Hello Everyone!

Today Club Penguin is in the sky!! The Festival of Flight party is finally here and boomed club penguin. Lots of you seem to be liking the new green propeller hat (though there is only a color difference) and checking out the view from the floor in the Night Club.

Members can ride on a Hot Air Balloon and visit the Tallest Mountain where they’ll find their own jetpack. The Club Penguin team thinks it’s cool how a bunch of penguins are on the Iceberg throwing snowballs at the island above…

Stormy.jpgNow what do you think about it? Comment and let us know!

Thats all for now!



2 Responses


    hello there,

    i was wondering if someone of you knows how to make cpmv (MUSiC VIDEOS) if you do email me at: pujitos2@hotmail.com. You will have acces to my account so you make the music videos but promise me you wont ban it and remember toemail me if you accept

  2. Hey,i saw the video ‘The Club Penguin Font’.Can you tell me the font plzzzz reply

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