New Pin Hidden And Festival Of Flight Party

Hey Everyone! The Festival Of Flight Party is here.. And it’s One of Club Penguin Best Party Ever! Club Penguin Island’s Flying on the Sky Now, This is the First Time that the Festival Of Flight Party Comes to Club Penguin! And There’s a lot of Awesome Stuff and things is in the Festival Of Flight Party.. There’s a New Pin in Club Penguin, It’s the Sand Castle Pin.. And the New Club Penguin Pin’s at the Mine Shack:
And the Festival Of Flight Party’s Starts Today, And the Party will Ends in August 18! And Club Penguin’s Now Flying on the Sky! That’s didn’t happen before in Club Penguin History! There’s a lot of Special Things in the Festival Of Flight Party, But the Very Special thing that’s Club Penguin Island’s Flying! There’s 2 Free Items in the Festival Of Flight Party.. One for the Non Member Penguin and One for the Member Penguins, For the Non Members Penguin there’s a New Free Item! It’s the Green Propeller Cap, And this Item is at the Plaza:
And Members Penguin are so Lucky in this Party.. Because the Members Penguin New Items is the Jet Pack! And it’s for Members Penguin Only, You can Fly with this Item! This Item is at the Tallest Mountain.. And here’s How do you get to the Tallest Mountain: First, Go to the Forest and Then you will find a Balloon Ride, Enter the Balloon Ride Room and then Wait til it’s Take Off! After that, You will have to Wait for 1 Minute and 20 Second.. And this will Count Down in a Screen! And When you the Count Down End.. Now Exit the Balloon Ride and go to the Door when it’s Open! Finally, You will be in the Tallest Mountain and you will see the Jet Pack Box:
And that’s all for the Club Penguin’s Festival Of Flight Party Free Items! And Gary the Gadget Guy is Now Waddling in Club Penguin.. Here’s Some Tips for how to Find Gary the Gadget Guy: Gary is a Blue Penguin with a White Lab Coat Suit, A Tie and Glasses. Gary goes on Popular Servers such us Some Blizzard, Mammoth, Frozen And Sleet. Gary is Only be at the Tallest Mountain and Gary goes on Servers for 10 to 15 Minutes Only! And Once you find Gary, You will get a Background with Gary’s Photo and Gary’s Autograph.. Here’s How Gary’s Autograph looks Like:
And that’s all for the Awesome Club Penguin’s Festival Of Flight Party! I will Update if there’s anything New about the Festival Of Flight Party! And don’t gorget to Check out this Things, The Cloud Maker at the Ski Hill, The Construction at the Underground Pool and the Beacon, Look at the telescope and Check out the Cloudes.. And that’s all for Now! What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think abou the Festival Of Flight Party? Comment what do you think about it all.. Waddle on!


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  2. wow you met GARY?!? you MUST be COOL hay visit my blog again http://www.mmay2, plz u rock thnx bibi

    Roucky3: Yeah, I met Gary in Hallaween 2008

  3. it will be luky for him meeting gary

  4. how do you know how many hits you have? do you count ALL your stats?

  5. Oops i mean how do you know who is online?

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