Festival Of Flight Party Extended

Hey Everyone! The Festival Of Flight Party will Ends Tomorrow, But Good New.. Club Penguin isn’t going to End the Festival Of Flight Party Tomorrow! Club Penguin’s going to Extend the Ends of the Party. Don’t pack up your Jet Packs and your Propeller Caps, Because the Festival Of Flight Party will stay in Club Penguin until August 20:
In other News Billybob said: The Festival Of Flight will stay up until August 20, Just in time for the Underwater Adventure to start on August 21 at the Stage! We hope you’re using your aviator glasses, Soon you may be trading them in for lobster claws. And that’s what’s Billybob said! I’m so Exited about the New Update for the The Festival Of Flight Party! And that’s all for Now, What do you think about the New Updates? Are you Happy for the Festival Of Flight Party Extended? Comment what do you think about it all.. Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. I saw you today roucky! Frozen, town! Yup, I was the red lei dude!

  2. Awesome! Can you come to my 15,000 Hits Party? Here is the info:
    Date: August 19 (Wednesday)
    Time: 4:00 PM (PST)
    Server: Fjord
    Room: Dock
    This party will be one of the biggest, and best parties you will ever come to. You don’t want to miss it! Chat with up to 50 other penguins, play games, get your player card featured, pose for party pics, and party! I will add everyone! I hope to see you at this HUGE party!

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