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Hey Everyone! The Festival Of Flight Party has Ended today, But the Fun haven’t Done Yet! There’s a New Stage Play’s Coming to Club Penguin Tomorrow, It’s the Underwater Adventure Play.. And there’s also a New Better Igloos is Coming Tomorrow, Too. Well, There’s a New Reviewed By You Post in Club Penguin’s What’s New Community Blog! In the Last Reviewed By You Post, The Question was about What kind of sea stories you’d write about if you had the chance! And there’s was a lot of Awesome Answers and Reviewed, The Club Penguin Team has Choose One of Awesome Reviewed, And it’s was Written by Blackie487.. Here’s what Blackie487: I would write about a mermaid that is looking for lost treasure and meets a fish and a squid who join her along the way. Then when they find the treasure chest they open it up and it is just filled with chocolate coins. The mermaid, the squid, and the fish learn the treasure that counts is friendship, and the story would end by the three friends eating the chocolate coins! And that’s what’s Blackie487 said, Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Underwater Adventure Play:
Thanks a lot Blackie487 and Awesome Review! The New Play, The Underwater Adventure Play is a New Play that you have Never seen before at the Stage! There’s also going to be a New Costume Catalog! And it’s Seems that the Stage is going to fill with Water! I think, Sound Great! And for this Week’s Question, Club Penguin’d really love to know What’s the sport you like to play most with your buddies on the island? But don’t forget, You can Only write less than 75 words for the Reviewed By You Comment! And that’s all for Now.. What do you think about the New Updates? What do you think about the New Reviewed By You Question and what’s Blackie487 said? Comment what do you think about it all, Waddle on!


2 Responses

  1. Princess and Pax’s 1000 hits party

    Server: Icicle
    Time: 4:00 P.S.T
    When: August 22nd
    Why: 1000 hits

    we will feature and take pics and we have some famous penguins coming, also we have V.I.Ps!!

  2. PARTY!!! NOW!!!!

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